Artists needed for film project


I am about to embark on a new film project (still to be named), and I am looking for artists living and working in Scotland to participate.

The idea

To create six short films about six artists living and working in Scotland. Each film will focus on an artist and the art they create. The film could also highlight a specific project they are undertaking, challenges they have and what drives them as an artist, the passion behind their art. The film might also focus on how their art helps them with personal tragedy or an issue they struggle with in their life.

The Goal of the project

To create a series of compelling short films about artists in Scotland and inspire others through their story.

Where will it be?

The films will of course be published online. My aim is to submit them as a collection of shorts to a number of film festivals.

Who do I need?

Artists = musicians, painters, photographers, visual artists, poets, writers, weavers, sculptors, boat builders, carpenters, potters, luthiers, filmmakers, steeplejacks, or anyone else who creates art, is passionate about it, and wants to share their story.

Open to individuals living and working in Scotland of any nationality or ethnicity.

I am looking for artistic individuals who may be open to talking about their personal struggles. I will of course respect privacy and personal boundaries, but just a heads up that it could get deep.

(Note: If this project is a success I may continue to create more these type of shorts about artists in Scotland.)

If you would like to take part please fill out the form below. Please also include some detail about yourself and your art. (All information will be confidential.)

Thank you so much!

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