Kerala, India 2017

Well I guess this is a good place to start a blog. Kochi, Kerala, Southern India. I have been here for four days and I have two more to go then I shoot back up to Mumbai for a bit of mega-city madness before I travel home to Minneapolis. 

I am currently sitting in the Loafers Cafe in Fort Kochi and working from my laptop. This is my new reality and I love it! I work for myself, I travel the world, and I decided a while ago that this is the way it is. That is the first step in creating the life you want. Decide it is already happening, tell everyone that it is, then get to work. 

I have built a couple of businesses, written two books that sell okay well, traveled the world as a professional musician, started a podcast, and more recently I turned my filmmaking into a business. I am not a millionaire, I don't own fancy things (apart from some expensive camera gear, and a Ludwig snare drum), but I make enough to support my journey. To be honest I have no interest in having any more than I need, because keeping it simple and only having what I need is also important to me and makes me feel clearer.

There is an element of luck to what you can do in your life. I was not born into poverty, I am healthy, and I have all of my limbs. Traveling in India has made me appreciate what I have more than any place I have ever been I think. The most important thing, as cliché as it sounds, is having belief and continuing to have belief, and believing means you have to truly know that what you want is already happening. Sounds a wee bit nuts. Fuckin' works!

So, that is what I am thinking about today. I guess this blog will be about my films and thoughts. Speaking of films, this is one I made here in Kerala yesterday. Love and light from India. X