Cask Strength Ceilidh Band

As a drummer and having grown up in Scotland, I have played my fair share of ceilidhs in my day. What other than a party with dancing is a ceilidh though?

According to the internet a “ceilidh” is a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering. In its most basic form, it simply means a social visit. In contemporary usage, it usually involves dancing and playing Gaelic folk music, either at a house party or a larger concert at a social hall or other community gathering place.

The members of the Cask Strength Ceilidh Band grew up around the tradition of the Scottish ceilidh. Now they are grown up and they are the ceilidh band. Now they are the ones carrying it forward. They don’t just go through the motions though. They go much further. Their mission is to take what they have learned growing up in the tradition. They take what has become part of them and deliver the true essence and spirit of what a ceilidh is to every ceilidh that they play.